The safest way to harden your system is to keep it air gapped with the rest of the world. None of our micro controllers communicate wirelessly. »

Instant happiness

Badge: [Instant] Sometimes when a user has reached a pre set treshold, say 1000 Tickets, We have included an instant celebration device firing of a party »

Pixel perfect

Badge: Shiny pixels We've designed an app to remotely control the bed. Take a look at our beautiful, clean graphical user interface in the pictures below. »


IT'S ALL LIES! I've been a loyal employee for SaaS my whole life and I thought that I would go through screening without fault. I've recently »

Master of Deviants

Badge [HUD] For easy unit administration, IP adress, location descriptions, Define ticket templates and more, we have created a rather smashing Dashboard called "Master of Deviants" »