Pixel perfect

Badge: Shiny pixels We've designed an app to remotely control the bed. Take a look at our beautiful, clean graphical user interface in the pictures below. »


Badge: Eyes wide shutter Wouldn't it be nice to control the bed by just using the face. This could be amusing to some, but a necescitty »

zZzleep zZzafe

Badge: Force field We are approaching production grade quality on our smartbed! But before we can start publishing your pee-statistics to the cloud we must take »

Doc, we have a problem.

Badges: HUD, The analyst, Dr. Who (2. attempt) Dashboards are cool! In the never-ever-ending quest to improve our IoT-lives, we have identified the possibility to improve »

Wakey wakey!

Badge: Instant The bed giveth, and the bed taketh. Zzzmartbed is smart after all. When the patient needs to either sleep or wake up, it got »