Wakey wakey!

Badge: Instant

The bed giveth, and the bed taketh.

Zzzmartbed is smart after all. When the patient needs to either sleep or wake up, it got you covered.

By activating "Go-To-Sleep"-mode, the ZzzmartBed will lull you to sleep moving the back rest up and down, dim the lights, accompanied with the sweet melodies we totally didn't just download from youtube TM.

And by activating "Wake-Up-Alarm"-mode, the ZzzmartBed will sound with the wrath of aggressive reaggeton/dancehall airhorns, flash the lights, and start shaking like the time you went roll-coasting. Want to get off the ride? Activate snooze on the accompanied smart device, or get the hell up, and it will stop, instantly.

Don't believe us? Come by and try it out!