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Lucky you, we are sharing our knowledge!
Of course; giving back to the community is something that we value highly.

The ZzzmartBed consists of the following repositories separated by components in use in order to get you up and running, with corresponding languages used (currently counting 5):

  • SmartBedAriotReactNative: React Native app for ZzzmartBed. Mainly written in JavaScript
  • ariot2018-backend: The main backend used in the Ariot 2018 competition. Written in Scala.
  • SmartBedBackend: API Socket service that talks to the ZzzmartBed. Written in JavaScript.
  • BedBackend: Scripts for sound management. Written in Shell.
  • bed-angler: A machine that angles a bed. Written in C++ and a some Python.
  • restswitches: REST API for switches on Raspberry Pi. Mainly written in JavaScript

All our repositories are licensed with the MIT license.