Pimp your place to workSPACE

It wouldn't be a great place to work(SPACE) without some nice gadgets and decorations. To frame in our camp, we have a star banner with some balloons tied onto it. We also brought a solder station and a 3D printer, and various lights, balloons and party hats. Since our up/down desk is the main part of our project, we decided to pimp this a little bit extra. Here is the final setup for our desk:


And here is detail photo:


As you can see, we have brought a number of cool stuff to place on our desk. This includes several fidget toys, a nice green plant, a darth vader stress ball, a BB-9E plush showing of our party hats (it also beep-boops when you press it!), a sweet hot pink mouse mat, some LED lights, a huge CTRL+Z eraser, colorful pens, a pair of 3D printed sunglasses and a rubber duck (for rubber ducking).

This blog post is a submission for the Smart camp badge.