<placeholder> : Babelfish

This submission is for the "Babelfish" badge :-D Due to the diversity of the team and other technical requirements we have needed a variety of programming languages to be used in our project:

  • Python
    • Python is used to handle incoming text (from speech-to-text), filter out part-of-speech tokens (nouns, adjectives), and then perform an image search with a Google Custom Search engine.
    • The text is parsed and interpreted with the help of Machine Learning using a NLP python framework after transcription, before the image search.
  • .Net
    • Backend: Handles the input from the frontend, requests the appropriate data from the python api and generates and saves statistics about the presentation
  • JavaScript
    • Input: Feeds microphone input to Mozilla Speech Recognition service, and submits the resulting text to the backend at regular intervals.
    • Is the main scripting language for the two "frontends": The presenters' view and the presentation itself.
  • TypeScript
    • Used to create frontend components, classes and services.
  • C/C++
    • Used in the "clicker" hardware in a "Particle Photon" (a WiFi-connected IoT/Arduino-like device). The "clicker" communicates with the Particle Cloud service, allowing it to connect to webhooks, administration and similar.