<placeholder> Leave no one behind for FitTeam

Yesterday afternoon (thursday evening) Amr from FitTeam decidedly went out of his way to help team as we were creating up our back-end.

As our .NET developers are both juniors and only experienced in using .NET in combination with EPiServer - a combination which hides Entity Framework - we were caught somewhat unaware of the intricacies of EF. As can be read in our post about "I Fixed It", we had some significant troubles making Entity Framework and the migrations work.

That's when we decided to go ask FitTeam for help, as we knew they had two (or three?) people from MsDev in Inmeta, and thus had significant experience with EF. Amr stepped up to the game, and sat with us for a good 10-15 minutes guiding us through setting up the database context and how to handle migrations. While we still managed to generate an seemingly endless supply of other issues, without his help we would've been stuck for a far longer time.

Not only did Amr help us with the current project, but he also gave us a good bit of knowledge that is likely to be useful during other projects in our jobs.