Smooth 3D printing

We need to attach a tabletop to the electric undercarriage of our smart desk. There are no straightforward way to do this, since there are no screw holes or other ways to mount a tabletop to the undercarriage.
So we decided the best way to mount the tabletop was to mount brakets to it which can be slid into the undercarriage, and therefore we designed the mount brakets that we 3D-printed and attach to the table.

This is the 3D model of the object:

3D model

This is the finished printed object:

finished object

And this is how it will slide onto the underbody:


First one mounted:

When we have printed 8 copies of the object, we will attach them to the tabletop and then we will finally be able to slide the table onto the underbody!

This blog post is a submission for the Smooth object and the Three dimensions badge.