The Great Inspector ™ can now stamp passports in the final screening before Mars!

At the end of the quarantine and training period the remaining applicants will go through the final screening, where they are either approved or denied by The Great Inspector™. Those approved will get a thumbs up stamped in their passport and can proceed to the Launch Facility™, and those denied will get a thumbs down.


The approval stamp is 3D-printed (with great help from KnowIoT) and is a critical part of the approval process. The Great Inspector is an DOBOT MAGICIAN robot arm. It is controlled by python software running on an Rasberry Pi.

The arm first rotates from the idle position and to a pad with ink, which it presses down on. The it rotates to the passport. If then rotates the stamp to either have a thumbs up or thumbs down, and stamps the passport.

Approved and rejected document:

Passport area:

Iterations from the first version to the final of the stamp. The first two versions used potatoes while the later two are 3D printed:

The 3D printed stamps are superior to the potatos, but should all fail, we have the Emergency P.O.T.A.T.I.S™:

Aerial view of the launch facilities:


Having created an awesome, smooth, 3D-printed object we think we deserve the [Under construction] , [Three dimensions] and [Smooth object]