SaaS now have the sensor ready for the Pressure Endurance Test Chambers

Having applicants that can function in low pressures environments are very desirable both during the trip to Mars and for after the applicants have settled on Mars.

We know that leaks in the spaceship or equipment on Mars can happened, and the pressure can drop fast. By having a part of travelers for each spaceship able to handle low pressure, they are better equipped to handle incidents on the trip.

The atmosphere on Mars are much lower than on earth. We are sure applicants with good results in the Pressure Endurance Test Chambers will thrive.

In the Pressure Endurance Test Chambers, we will use air pumps to gradually reduce the pressure in the Chamber. The pressure will be logged on the same wearable device the applicants must keep on to track temperature. The applicants are free to stop the test at any time. The minimal tracked pressure for each applicants can then be used to select the once doing well in this test.

Pressure tracking is done through Nordic Thingy. The pressure data is posted to our APIs every minute, through a IFTTT WebHook, then to our API in Google Cloud, and is then saved to CloudSQL. Similar to the temperature tracking described in this post


Having now used 5 sensors in our solution we think we deserve the [This is intense!] badge.

  1. Cisco PrecisionHD USB Webcamera for face tracking [Must be replaced with another sensors]
  2. Nordic Thingy temperature sensor for fever tracking
  3. Nordic Thingy pressure sensor for Pressure Endurance Test Chamber
  4. Micro:Bit accelerometer for step counting
  5. Estimote Bluetooth Beacon tracking distance on Android, for the toilet trip counter