SaaS cares about the environment with our new sensor

The fifth and final sensor at SaaS is our power consumption sensor. In our facility we will monitor the power consumption to adjust and adapt to ensure a low power consumption average. At our newest research facility at Voksenåsen, we only have a small demo of this as we monitor our LED light connected to the FIBARO wall plug.

The power consumption data is pulled wirelessly using Z-wave from the wall plug to a Raspberry Pi, and then posted to our API in the Google Cloud, and saved to the CloudSQL database. We added report of the Power Consumption to our Dashboard, making it more visible when Power Consumption is high.


Having now used this as the 5. sensor in our solution we think we deserve the [This is intense!] badge.

The other 4 sensors we have already used:
1. Nordic Thingy temperature sensor for fever tracking
2. Nordic Thingy pressure sensor for Pressure Endurance Test Chamber
3. Micro:Bit accelerometer for step counting
4. Estimote Bluetooth Beacon tracking distance on Android, for the toilet trip counter