Welcome to ARIoT 2018!

Hello world!

And welcome to this year's Arctic IoT Challenge! We hope you'll have a great time, meet interesting people and build cool things. Please don't hesitate to ask if there are any questions. Ask us on Slack for ARIoT 2018 or just grab one of us, we're not that scary.

How does this work?

Go to the blog admin panel to start writing!

Each team will have it's own account on this blog. Here you'll post your submissions for badges. Write clearly what badge you are going for and why you've earned it. The jury will read the blog posts continuously, and let you know in the submissions channel on Slack what badges you've gotten.

This blog is written on the Ghost platform, and you can write your posts with Markdown. I think most of you have heard of that before.

Getting started

So, as a smooth start for you, you can already get your first badge! Description Here (the first badge) encourages the teams to say something about your solution and technologies you are using.

Feel free to say something about the team members as well, as there is many that don't know each other.

The points

The leaderboard will also be updated continuously. After the final submissions on Saturday, we'll have a provisional ranking. But this could really change when the awards will be handed out during the dinner party...

The teams

Please set the display name for the account the same as your team, and upload an avatar that makes it easy too see you. This way, we can see all of your posts easily like this.

I've also created tags for each team if you wanna tag your posts too. Or create your own. So many possibilities.

That's all folks!

We really hope that you'll have a nice stay and a lot of fun!

-The Ariot Committee