You own Badge Dashboard

Some of you do have more badges than us at the moment, and it might just stay that way. We do however have a nice dashboard to display our badges, and we want to make it available to you.
Step 1: Grab the repo from github
Step 2: ???
Step 3: profit....

Almost. step 1 is correct, then you can create a database and configure the connectionstring.
It can of course be deployed to Azure, and it even have a webjob that scrapes the ARIoT website and can notify you if they add another badge in secret. If they do, you and we will know within 30 seconds.... (if you have configured a device to listen to the MQTT broker ;) )

In the dashboard, there is an "admin" page where you can select witch badges you have or not. Of course I wanted to add support for the nice API the judges exposed to us yesterday, but I have not made that a priority during the hackaton.
You can however do it and make a pull request.

With this post we are shooting for the "Make love, not war" badge.