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We are Cööperators, from Coop's IT department
Our goal is to create an extremely user friendly solution to record incidents and occurrences of common issues in our company where needed. The information will be used for continuous improvement and follow-up of services, processes and vendors.

Our solution:

Deviatr is a generic unit that can be customized to record the most common events at a given station, store or office. The unit should be low cost, relatively robust, low power, secure and easy to customize. At its core the device needs the following: Barcode scanner, camera, sound, RFID reader, wifi, optional screen, optional buttons. As simple as possible interaction with the user.

Two use cases for Ariot IoT 2018

The following two scenarios alone generates a cost saving potential in the million NOK range pr year.

Record damaged pallets from vendors.

Damaged pallets need to be swapped before sent into the automated warehouse.

  1. The employee swaps the pallet at an automated pallet station
  2. Scanning his/her access card on Deviatr to record incident
  3. Scanning the ballets barcode with a hand held scanner, or automatic from a fixed scanner.
  4. Deviator takes a picture of the pallet with a fixed camera
  5. A ticket is created in our ticket handling system (ServiceNow) with information about who created the ticket, Vendor, Order, categorization etc.
  6. Vendor information is imported from SAP based on the barcode and updated in the ticket.
  7. The Vendor responsible will use this data to follow-up the vendor.

The POS system in a store does not work, potentially generation long queues

  1. The user pushes a "Help" button on Deviatr
  2. A diagnostic script is triggered, and a script to solve common issues started if relevant.
  3. The user confirms if the problem is fixed, or choose "I want a callback from IT"
  4. A ticket is automatically created assigned to IT, and a phone call back is qeued.

Future scenarios

  1. Delivery not in time to store
  2. Delivery not in time to warehouse
  3. Maintenance needed, coffee machine
  4. Long queues by the point of sale in a store
  5. The toilet is jammed, record an anonymous delayed ticket to the custodian giving you time to get out of there.

Why aren't these incidents recorded today?

The majority of the employees does not work in front of a computer, or use a work related phone. Calling a Servicesenter, or registering incidents in an app is time consuming. The result is that most incidents are not recorded. The quality of recorded incidents is also variable. The issues are fixed without logging, but the root cause remains unsolved.

High level diagram

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