Our project focuses on a modern IoT approach for your training routines. Whether you are a gym rat or prefer to train at home we have a solution for you!

  • If you go to gym and want to monitor your weight lifting activity then our tiny IoT bluetooth device with a magnetic holder is what you need! You can instantly attach it to any strength training machine or individual weights that you use and directly monitor your activity, burned calories and all other possible statistics online.

  • If you prefer to stay at home, using a simple web camera video, the FitTeam has put together a project solution which is detecting coordinates and movements of a pair of colorful dumbbells and motivates you to follow a specific training routing or just play some games while you are training.

By using the internet connected dumbells as controllers we can send signals to any game (Stepmania for example, which is btw one of the worlds greatest games!) and this turns your regular workout into a lot of fun.

IoTdevicedemo Stepmania

While you are gaming, we are collecting data from your workout, and present it using breathtaking graphical technology.


  • Versioning Solutions: Visual Studio Online
  • Languages: [Python, Swift, C, Bash, Javascript]
  • Detector script: Tracking HSV Codes in realtime
  • Emulator controller: vJoy
    • Device driver that bridges the gap between any device that is not a joystick and an application that requires a joystick
  • Emulator bindings: pyvjoy
    • Library for setting vJoy controller inputs through python.
  • Game: Stepmania