Visma Power Suite Solutions

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Do you really know how to walk cross-country skiing? Using the right ski technique, save resources the right places, use enough power each time you use the ski pole and much more. The Visma Power Suite Solutions give the ultimate way to track everything with your skiing technic and tour emotions during the training.
This is a tool for everyone! An amateur that just want some hints or professionals to optimize their technique.

Our fantastic system!

The system collects information from multiple devices attached to a person. It has an Emotive to trach the psychological state and give motivation during the training. A camera that create a skeleton overview and give information about you attitude. The training suite and the ski pole is packed with small sensors, buttons and lights. These devices are smoothly attached to the suite and will not hinder the athlete!

Ultimate training suite

  1. Emotive track the emotion state of the athlete
  2. Accelerometer track the speed and strength on the legs
  3. Accelerometer track the speed and strength on the ski pole
  4. Temperature of the athlete (heatmap)
  5. Pulse of the athlete
  6. Gyro to measure angle of the ski pole
  7. Led and buttons attached to the suite
  8. Gyro to measure angle of the ski pole
  9. GPS on the phone to track the user

Skeleton analysis

Use camera to analyze the skeleton attitude

Ultimate couch (Dashboard)

A dashbord to analyse and show live info about the athlete