<placeholder> : This is getting intense!

This is a submission for the "This is intense!"-badge. Images are from the prototype, not yet enclosed in a case.

Every presenter needs a "clicker" in order to command his or her wonderful improv-awkvard-presentation. We've employed a bit of sensors in order to make the audience and the presenter get a bit more information about the physical conditions of the person up at the stage:

  • Heartrate sensor, for the audience to keep track of the nervousness of the presenter

  • Accelerometer, 3-axis, with Gyro. Used in order to make an estimate of the activity level (movement of arms) of the presenter, and show this live in the presentation.

  • Button, connected to the Particle Photon, pushing events through a webhook to the backend. Used to control some aspects of the presentation.

  • Temperature sensor, digital, used to stream the thumb temperature of the presenter to the presentation.

  • Microphone, used as the main core component in obtaining the beautiful words spoken by the presenter and turned into even better text.