SaaS can now track abnormal frequency of bowel movements

One of the symptoms of the Krippin Virus is an abnormal frequency of bowel movements. As the embarrassed (or lying) applicants try their best to hide this from us, we feel the need to track our citizens visits to the lavatory.

At each lavatory, there is now an Estimote Beacon. This sends out signals to our citizens SaaS mobile application as they come in range of the beacon. When a user enters a bathroom, the time stamp is logged in our database, and the message “Welcome to the ackward bathroom, happy bowel movements!” Is displayed on their mobile phone. As they exit the lavatory, that time stamp is also logged and the message “Bye bye from the ackward bathroom, thank you for your cooperation” is displayed to the citizen. The app also runs and functions the same as an background service. The number and length of lavatory visits are stored and if they show abnormalities, the citizen will be put in isolation to rule out any infection of the Krippin Virus.

Entering the bathroom


Exiting the bathroom


The logs in our database



This is of course done to make sure that we deliver citizens that will ensure the well being and prospering of your colonies. And for this, we also believe that we have secured the [AckWard] award.

And, as this runs with our SaaS mobile application on Android, it should also earn us the [Native badge]