Zzzmart infrastructure!

Badges: Cloud city, Native

If you love something, send it to the cloud.

The ZzzmartBed offer good opportunities for connecting your devices. We have made a cross-platform native mobile app that can control the many features of the smart bed, like turning on/of the lights, dim them, turn on the heat, positioning the mattress back angle and feed, turn of the alarm, and also fetch some statistics of how well you sleep each night.

However, connecting multiple devices require a good infrastructure to make sure everything talks together. We are sending the sensor data to the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, so that we can take advantage of the many features it provide as a service.

The data is talking to a Google Computer Engine VM instance running API-endpoints, which communicates to the Native mobile/tablet application. The data is stored in the Google Cloud SQL Postgres service, to be analysed at a later point.

Neat, isn't it?