SaaS can now track the citizens steps to ensure proper exercise for every citizen every day

The trip to Mars consist of about 6 months in zero gravity. The applicants are bound to lose a lot of muscle mass in these conditions. With the new SaaS step counter, we can ensure that every citizen gets the proper amount of exercise each day before departure.

Each day the citizen must walk 10 000 steps. The step counter sewn into their socks will count down from 10 000 and display each decrease in number of steps. For numbers with multiple digit, each digit will roll over the screen one at the time.

When the step counter reaches 0, the LEDs of the step counter will show a heart. The next day, the citizen will reset the step counter at the morning meeting, by pressing a button on the step counter, which will make the LED’s show a ghost icon.




As we have soldered the battery on to the micro:bit, we apply for the [solder soldier] badge. Due to the step counter being sewn into their socks to count the steps properly, we believe we deserve the [Wear me!] badge. The only battery we had available (CR2032 3V) had to be soldered directly on wires connected to the micro:bit, and now we cant turn it off, without ripping of the wires. We think this deserves the [I fixed it!]