Sweating is underrated

Sweating is a great indicator for how good your exercise session is. The more sweat the better. At least that what I think as a person who don't train that much.

We made a sensor node consisting of a rain sensor and an ESP8266. The device is duck taped to the back of the athlete. It looks and feels great....
The whole circuit:

The sensor register how wet it have become, and will allow more current to pass through the wetter it gets.

The duct tape is of course a crucial part of the design as the human body lacks a way to attach sensors to it in an unintrusive way. The sensor could be put behind the ball sack. It s chafes a little and I don't want to post pictures of it here. But believe me it works :)

The ESP post sweat data to an Azuere eventhub every millisecond, because when it comes to sweat, your data has to be on point. The data is then pulled and live updated on out Visma PT dashboard.

The badges we hope to achieve here are:
AckWard - come on, ball sack sensor......
Instant - It takes around 16 - 500 milliseconds to see it in the dashboard
I fixed it! - We retrofitted the human body to be sensor compatible