3D printed objects FTW

Badges: Three dimensions, Smooth object,

Zzzmart Cable management

While mounting everything to the Zzzmartbed we've realized that there is quite a lot of cables running everywhere. To gather some of the cables in a more aesthetic way we've 3d-printed some nice cable gatherers.

Having realised that our hacky duct tape based sound system mounting probably could look a bit better we decided to design and print some cool brackets to mount on the bed.

Measuring that angle

Even more hackier, the potentiomenter for the bed angle sensor was hanging on a pencil! We designed a placeholder to replace the pen, and now it looks way cooler :)

Looks much nicer!

Hold your hoses!

We needed a way to tighten the hose into the bed, so we designed a smart holder for the hose, to cater to the needs for those nightly leaks. The urine is collected in a dedicated container. The amount of urine is meassured by weight.

Certainly a success for our dear leader!

The complete weight that holds the yellow stuff (as planned), 3D-print is on its way! (AckWard badge post coming soon...)