Pimping up the dashboard!

Our dashboard is up, featuring fancy graphs and sleek design!

The Health, Environment and Safety manager's job just got easier. With the dashboard the manager can check the average preferred temperature of all the desks in the office to set a temperature that is the most desirable for the workers.

Meanwhile, project managers can monitor the employee's working hours to keep track of the hours spent. In the future we plan to include a graph displaying the working hours with the most traffic.


We also know that the task of managing a dashboard can be a bit boring in the long run. To counteract boredom we have implemented two awesome settings; Party Mode and Darth Mode.

The Party Mode is definitely shiny and dashing, isn't it? The Darth Mode on the other hand is awesome because Star Wars.
Party Mode

Darth Mode

This blog post is a submission for HUD and Shiny pixels