Hiding the good stuff

When arriving at the desk the user can log in by beeping an ID from a card, tag or NFC. All good in the hood, but we weren't that happy with having the RFID reader laying loose on top of the table, cluttering the available space as seen in this blog post.

But, we figured out that the reader actually reached through the tabletop, neat! That way we could place the reader inside another 3D-printed shell created by our 3D sensei Lars Erik and hide it under the tabletop. Now, the user can log in by placing their ID on the ARIoT 2018 sticker!

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, attaching the under carriage to the table top proved to be a challenge. Being bought separately there was no obvious way to assemble the two, at least not in a satisfactory way.

Since the first prototype brackets, we have printed and fitted a total of six brackets. After after a day in service, give or take, we can happily report that the solution works like a charm!

This blog post is a submission for Under construction and Savvy